Phillies issue statement on president Montgomery

PHILADELPHIA -- The Phillies issued a statement on Wednesday evening that said no decision has been made yet on club president David Montgomery's future with the team.

It followed a report Wednesday morning from 94 WIP that said Montgomery has been advised a change would be made prior to next season. Montgomery took a medical leave of absence in August following jaw bone cancer surgery in May. Pat Gillick, who took Montgomery's place as interim president, is running the baseball side of the organization. Senior vice president of administration and operations Mike Stiles is running the business side.

The statement read: "Of foremost concern to this organization is David Montgomery's full recovery from his surgery this past spring. There has been no determination made regarding his future status. Phillies ownership will continue to confer with David about their collective vision for the future."

In October, the Phillies immediately and unequivocally denied a report that Montgomery had been pushed from his role as president in August. Multiple sources reached on Wednesday said little about the latest report.

Montgomery told last month that his health had improved. He said he expected to return as president.

But Montgomery also acknowledged that the decision is not up to him.

"It's not entirely my call," Montgomery said.