Melvin backs Macha through struggles

Melvin backs Macha through struggles

PITTSBURGH -- Brewers general manager Doug Melvin spoke up Thursday in support of manager Ken Macha, whose job security has been called into question during a losing streak that reached nine games with Wednesday's loss to the Pirates.

"I don't see any reason" to dismiss Macha at this time, Melvin told the team's flagship radio station, 620-AM WTMJ, on Thursday morning. "I see reasons to work together and try to get some wins."

The Brewers will try again Thursday night to snap their longest losing streak since they dropped 10 in a row late in the 2006 season. The team will travel after the game to Minnesota, where Melvin and principal owner Mark Attanasio will join the traveling party as part of a previously planned community initiative. The Brewers are teaming with several local partners to bring Milwaukee-area fathers and their kids to Target Field for a ballgame.

With an off-day looming Monday ahead of a homestand, some have wondered whether a shakeup might be imminent. Melvin's comments, to WTMJ's "Wisconsin Morning News" program, could quiet that speculation.

"Everybody wants to fire everybody, but I talk to Mark every day and Ken every day," Melvin said. "You go about and do your business, and all you've got to do is continue to work hard."

Melvin also addressed his own security, saying, "I feel fine." He understands that the fans may feel differently while watching the team struggle to a 15-25 record.

"I know we've got a lot of people that are disappointed, because your expectations are so high," Melvin said. "It gets to be a tough game and you don't go out to win nine straight games. Everybody works extremely hard at it. If they weren't working extremely hard at it, it would be hard to defend them and hard to support them, but people have success in the past, and they work hard at it.

"There are a lot of people involved, including the general manager and the owner, the manager, the coaches and those 25 players on the field. Everybody's got to pull together. Everybody's got to do their job and put this thing in the right direction."

Brewers pitcher Randy Wolf made similar comments after he couldn't hold a 4-3 lead on Wednesday night in an eventual 6-4 loss to the Pirates. He was asked whether he worried someone might have to take the fall for the Brewers' poor play.

"We're not playing well, and it's not one person's fault," Wolf said. "All of us have a place where we have to take the blame. Last time against the Phillies [on May 14], I didn't do my job. [Wednesday], I had a 4-3 lead and I have to hold it in the seventh inning. I didn't do that. I'll take the blame.

"When things get out of control, you have to look in the mirror and realize that what you're doing is not good enough. You either have to fix something, adjust something or do something better. It's not always overnight, but if you believe it, it will turn around."

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