Twins Manager & Coaches

Manager & Coaches

#   Name Position
5 Rocco Baldelli Manager
8 Derek Shelton Bench Coach
82 James Rowson Hitting Coach
63 Rudy Hernandez Assistant Hitting Coach
47 Wes Johnson Pitching Coach
45 Jeremy Hefner Assistant Pitching Coach
40 Tommy Watkins First Base Coach
46 Tony Diaz Third Base Coach
67 Bill Evers Major League Coach
97 Garrett Kennedy Bullpen Catcher
98 Connor Olson Bullpen Catcher


#   Name Position
Thad Levine Senior Vice President/General Manager
Tom Kelly Special Assistant to the General Manager
Justin Morneau Special Assistant to Baseball Operations
Michael Cuddyer Special Assistant
LaTroy Hawkins Special Assistant
Torii Hunter Special Assistant
Jim Kaat Special Assistant
Rasa Troup Major League Head Dietician
Rod McCormick Equipment Manager
Ian Kadish Director of Strength and Conditioning
Edgar Varela Minor League Field Coordinator
Billy Boyer Minor League Infield and Baserunning Coordinator
Peter Fatse Minor League Hitting Coordinator
Pete Maki Minor League Pitching Coordinator
J.P. Martinez Minor League Assistant Pitching Coordinator
Tanner Swanson Minor League Catching Coordinator
Mike Quade Minor League Outfield Coordinator
Chad Jackson Minor League Medical Coordinator
Pete Larson Minor League Rehab Pitching Coordinator
David Rak Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coordinator
Tony Leo Head Athletic Trainer
Masamichi Abe Assistant Athletic Trainer
Matt Biancuzzo Assistant Athletic Trainer
Jeff Lahti Major League Physical Therapist
Dustin Morse Executive