Pace of Play


A number of changes have been implemented to improve the pace of play since the 2014 season, which had an average nine-inning game time of three hours, two minutes.

The batter's box rule -- which requires hitters to keep one foot in the box during their time at bat unless one of a group of exceptions occurs -- has been more strictly enforced since the 2015 season. Also in 2015, timers were installed in Major League stadiums to measure the break time between innings and pitching changes. The changes implemented in 2015 cut down the average game time to two hours, 56 minutes.

MLB lowered the time between innings to two minutes, five seconds for local broadcasts and two minutes, 25 seconds for nationally televised games in 2016, decreasing both times 20 seconds relative to 2015. Additionally in 2016, MLB began limiting mound visits -- which previously had no limit -- to 30 seconds starting when the manager or coach has exited the dugout and been granted time by the umpire.


Watch: Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti visits the mound and leaves before the 30-second timer runs out.