Strikeout Rate (K%)


Strikeout rate represents the frequency with which a pitcher strikes out hitters, as determined by total strikeouts divided by total batters faced. It's perhaps the most accurate tool for judging a pitcher's ability to strike out hitters.

Another commonly used metric for doing so is K/9 rate, but that's inherently flawed, given that it only takes outs into account for the denominator. If a pitcher strikes out nine across seven innings while giving up a high number of baserunners, why should he rank even with a pitcher who strikes out nine in seven innings with fewer baserunners?

The K rate leaderboards are generally made up of the game's best pitchers. However, plenty of pitchers have succeeded with lower strikeout rates, generally because they are able to induce weak contact.


Watch: David Price fans the side to increase his strikeout rate.

Fantasy advantage

Strikeouts are valuable to fantasy owners and K rates correlate closely to strikeout totals. Additionally, pitchers with high K rates tend to be among the best at notching impressive ERA and WHIP figures.

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