Innings Per Start (I/GS)


Innings per start signifies the average number of innings a pitcher throws per game started and is determined by dividing his innings pitched by his starts. Obviously, a high number is preferable because it generally means success, and because longer outings from a starter lead to more rest for a bullpen.

Pitchers with high I/GS figures are typically consistent, as one rocky start that doesn't last very long could hurt their average in this department. Similarly, pitchers who work efficiently with their pitches -- meaning few walks and few long at-bats -- also tend to have a high number of innings per start.

A lot can be said about pitchers who post high innings-per-start rates. Even if a pitcher's ERA isn't as great as a pitcher who doesn't work deep into games, he can be more helpful in preserving the team's bullpen and eating innings.


Watch: Trevor Bauer goes nine innings in an outing, raising his innings-per-start average.

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