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Sit back and watch every walk-off walk from the 2017 season

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It's the biggest moment of the game: Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, tie game ... and then, instead of ending with a bloop, bang or blast, it ends in the most absurd way possible -- a walk. 

Walk-off walks are baseball absurdity at its best as one final pitch simply misses the strike zone and the whole game ends. It's also relatively rare enough to cause mass hysteria -- there were only 10 walk-off walks in 2017. 

Since it happens so infrequently, player reactions run the gamut, too. 

Some, like Brad Miller, go immediately aggro, as if they collected the walk-off hit: 


While others, like David Peralta, react like it's just another walk -- before the realization that the game has ended overwhelms them. 


So, grab some cocktail shrimp, get cozy and watch every walk-off walk from 2017 in the video atop the post.

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