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Brock Holt showed off his home run robbery form at second base on this deflection

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Until baseball legalizes pogo sticks, infielders won't have a chance to rob a home run. Brock Holt got to show off his form despite that pesky problem during Sunday's division-clinching victory against the Astros.

In the top of the seventh inning, Brian McCann hit a sharp grounder down the first base line. The ball received a fortuitious, Rube Goldbergian bounce off the heel of Mitch Moreland's glove and into the air. With a leap and a stretch, Holt snagged the ball and tossed to David Price for the out. 


Yeah, it may not have been a home run robbery, but if you can just visualize an outfield wall behind Holt, the mechanics of the snag are all there. 

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