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Dae-Ho Lee's bat flip somehow expressed both excitement and ennui at once

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Baseball players may not have a purer expression of joy in their toolkits than the bat flip. With a simple flick of the wrist, a player can simultaneously follow his bliss and signal to fans his happiness.

Nowhere are bat flips more commonplace -- or glorious -- than in the KBO, so when former Mariner Dae-Ho Lee hit a dinger to give his Lotte Giants an 8-7 lead, he let his bat fly:

The Giants did not look back, as they went on to win 11-8.

Upon further review, however, it appears that the bat flip may be something of a red herring. Observe Lee's face in the (first) slow-motion replay in the following video:

This isn't exactly the face of a joyful bat flipper:


It appears, then, upon final examination, that Dae-Ho Lee has successfully completed the first bat flip in history to simultaneously express joy and ennui.

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