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Tommy Kahnle loves Aaron Judge dingers just as much as every other homer-loving fan

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Aaron Judge is a strong man. Though his second-half performance hasn't lived up to his first half (and given that the first half was historic, especially for a rookie), he's still able to blast dingers with the best of them. 

During the Yankees' 16-7 victory over the Rangers on Sunday, Judge hit two dingers to bring his total to 41. The first gave him entrance to a special club of rookies with 40 homers. Of course, only Mark McGwire had ever pulled off that feat, so it was definitely not a social club. 

When he bashed a ball off the back of the Yankees bullpen for his second homer of the day, he got something much better than a place in history. He got Tommy Kahnle to celebrate the same way a child might after too much cake at a birthday party. 


Turns out, even pitchers love dingers ... when they're not the ones giving them up, that is. 

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