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Zach Britton caught Manny Machado's walk-off slam while warming up in the bullpen

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Zach Britton is used to finishing Orioles games, but it doesn't usually happen the way that it did on Friday night. Trailing, 7-5, in the ninth, the Orioles rallied in dramatic fashion, as Manny Machado's grand slam vaulted them to a stunning 9-7 win.

The booming drive, Machado's third homer of the game, sailed over the center-field wall around where Britton was warming up in the bullpen. He didn't get the save, but the game fittingly ended with the ball in Britton's glove:

Normally, catching home run balls is teammate Darren O'Day's specialty, but this time, Britton was in perfect position. "Once Manny hit it, I knew it was gone," Britton said to's Brittany Ghiroli. "O'Day would have disowned me had I not caught that ball."

No need for concern -- Britton was all over it.

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