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A Giants fan in a Duane Kuiper jersey lost a foul ball, but then Kuiper himself came to give him one

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Although the Giants lost, 5-2, to the Padres on Thursday night, one fan at AT&T Park -- sporting a Duane Kuiper jersey -- had a chance at some foul ball-catching glory. Instead, he bobbled the souvenir and it fell down into another section. He was, of course, devastated.

Kuiper, the TV broadcaster for the Giants, noticed the crestfallen man sporting his jersey. He wanted to cheer him up, so the former Giant actually walked down to the fan's section and gave him an autographed souvenir. Really.

It's a story that's too surreal to believe, but thankfully this guy has all the GIFs to prove it.

Well done, Mr. Kuiper.

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