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The Nationals pick Darren Baker, son of Dusty and star of the 2002 World Series

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The late rounds of the MLB Draft often feature a collection of last names that look familiar. As the Draft comes to a close, teams will pick relatives of front[-]office members, coaches and even players as gestures of goodwill.

The fact, then, that the Nationals used their 27th-round pick on Darren Baker -- the son of manager Dusty Baker -- on its own isn't cause to turn one's head. However, unlike just about every other draftee this week, Darren Baker has featured prominently in a Major League Baseball game before:


Saved from getting mixed up in a play at the plate during the 2002 World Series by a quick-thinking J.T. Snow:


Being a later-round pick, it seems likely Baker will honor his commitment to Cal next year rather than sign with the Nationals. If he does go to college, he will be Draft-eligible again in three years' time, giving teams yet another chance to scoop him up. And what team wouldn't want to scoop him up?


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