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This young baserunner briefly entered the Matrix to avoid the tag at home plate

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If recent baseball history has taught us anything, it's that there are a great many strategies for evading a catcher who's looking to make a tag. You could go head-first. You could go feet-first (do note, however, that success here is not guaranteed). You could even engage in an elaborate tap-dance routine.

But of all the ways to touch home, not even the pros have anything on Salvatore:

This past Saturday, Salvatore's Legit Baseball Club (yes, really) took on the Longwood Lions in a National Youth Baseball Championships qualifier on Long Island. After the ball got away from the catcher, Sal decided to try his luck and break for home ... and proceeded to both leap over the catcher's glove and add a spin or two for good measure. No doubt inspired by the aerial display, Legit went on to win, 12-8.

Clearly, he's already ready for the Major Leagues (or at least "Major League").

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