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NFL quarterback Kirk Cousins' cousin, Jake, was drafted by the Nationals

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You ready for a tongue-twister? Quarterback Kirk Cousins' cousin, Jake Cousins, was drafted by the Nationals in the 20th round on Wednesday. That means there could be two strong-armed Cousins boys throwing the ball around in the nation's capital in the near future. 

As for Jake Cousins, the Nats selected the 6-foot-4 (an inch taller than Kirk) senior right-hander from Penn after he posted a 3.15 ERA with 59 strikeouts in 68 2/3 IP. Check him out in action below:

Jake wasn't the only family member of an NFL quarterback taken, though: Blake Bortles' younger brother, Colby, was snagged by the Tigers in the 22nd round. 

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