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Rangers Draft pick Bubba Thompson obviously likes baseball, but he loves fishing

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High school outfield prospect Bubba Thompson -- who the Rangers selected 26th overall in the MLB Draft -- has quite a bit in common with another, even more highly regarded and well known Bubba: Bubba Gump. Both hail from Alabama, both are obviously named Bubba, and both share a passionate love for fishing. While Bubba Gump's obsession is focused entirely around Shrimp, Bubba Thompson is down to go out and catch whatever he can find.

A highly touted two-sport athlete -- he received several scholarships from SEC schools to play football -- Thompson confided to us that he's at his happiest when he's out on the water with a rod and some bait. With blazing speed and the ability to play center, Thompson has the physical tools for a long and successful baseball career, but we have an idea for him once he hangs 'em up ...

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