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If Zack Cozart makes the All-Star team, teammate Joey Votto will give him a donkey

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Do you love donkeys? Reds shortstop Zack Cozart really loves donkeys and, apparently, Joey Votto promised to buy his teammate his very own donkey if he made the All-Star team this year. Seriously.

Cozart is in the midst of a career season -- hitting .329 with nine homers and a .995 OPS entering Monday. He's currently leading all NL shortstops in the All-Star vote. So yes, the 31-year-old is on the precipice of playing in his first Midsummer Classic and yes, most importantly, he could have a pet donkey. 

Hopefully he and former Reds teammate Johnny Cueto can take many donkey Instagrams together.

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