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Adam Duvall and Joey Votto couldn't quite figure out how to celebrate Duvall's home run

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Just last week, A-Rod and Joe Buck served as a warning to us all about what can happen when high-five communication breaks down. Unfortunately, the Reds weren't paying much attention -- and during Sunday's 8-4 win over the Phillies, it came back to haunt them.

Adam Duvall launched a game-tying two-run homer to left field, and as he crossed home plate, teammate Joey Votto was there to congratulate him. Except, well, neither of them could settle on what form that congratulation should take. (Warning: If you've ever gone in for a fist-bump and gotten an open hand in return, you may want to close your eyes.)


Oof. Well, look at the bright side, guys: Maybe you can spin this into your very own handshake

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