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The Rays' ballboy's full-extension leap didn't work, but he impressed the Blue Jays' bullpen anyway

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Perched along the left-field or right-field lines, ballboys and ballgirls (and balldudes) are tasked with a very important duty during a given game: protect the bullpen.

From stretching to warming up, too much goes on during a game for the crop of relievers and coaches to be able to pay attention to every hard-hit foul ball down the line. So it's the responsibility of the team employee to do that. Sometimes, these protectors make incredible plays. 

Other times, they don't -- but by no fault of their above-the-grain effort, as happened in the Rays' 2-1 loss to the Blue Jays on Sunday at Tropicana Field. This young man didn't quite make the grab on Kevin Pillar's hard smash toward the bullpen in left field, but nobody can tell him he didn't try:


In fact, as seen in the clip, it looks as if he drew the attention of the Jays' bullpen, who were no doubt impressed by his attempt at a miraculous catch. Either that, or they were telling him they'd take matters into their own hands next time.