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Michael Morse had some stern words for the Giants' bats in hopes they would deliver some hits

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Among homeopathic circles, there is a belief that human consciousness can have an impact on the molecular structure of water. Dr. Masaru Emoto tried to show this by covering water bottles with either positive or negative words and then photographing them at the cellular level. 

Michael Morse is carrying out his own experiment with San Francisco's baseball bats. The Giants broadcast crew caught the hulking slugger giving a pep talk to his bats before Saturday's game against the Padres, telling one of his bats to "Give us some hits," "wake up," and "start doing your job." 


Unfortunately, for Morse, the pep talk didn't seem to work. The Giants lost on Saturday and Sunday by a combined score of 17-6. If Emoto's work is right, perhaps Morse just needs to be a little more positive with the bats, telling them things like "You are very strong and powerful -- perhaps the most powerful bat in the world. Trees see you and beg to be chopped down so they can become you." Can't hurt to try. 

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