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Watch Robinson Cano and Felix Hernandez turn a great (fake) double play on a foul ball

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In addition to being one of the most consistent performers on both offense and defense, Robinson Cano also has fun. His smooth hands and calm demeanor on the infield makes even the most difficult-looking throws seem easy, and that's apparently even true when fielding foul balls in the dugout.

Early in Seattle's 3-1 loss to the A's at the Coliseum on Friday night, Cano and pal Felix Hernandez were hanging out in the M's dugout when a foul ball bounded toward them. Their reaction? Well, it's simple: Pretend it's a live baseball and turn a (fake) double play. Cano slightly bobbled the ball, but recovered (as he always does) and flipped it to Felix, who definitely looked ready to make a play:


Just another chapter in the ongoing and endlessly entertaining story of Cano in the dugout. 

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