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Austin Hedges made a bet that UCLA would beat Kentucky and now he looks like this

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Padres catcher Austin Hedges has been a UCLA basketball fan his entire life. His manager, Andy Green, bleeds Kentucky blue (and still holds his alma mater's all-time hits record).

Those two schools met Friday in the NCAA men's basketball tournament with an Elite Eight berth on the line. And Green's Wildcats came away victorious, 86-75.

On Tuesday, Hedges learned an important lesson: Never bet against your manager.

After losing the wager with his skipper, Hedges wore a full Kentucky basketball jersey to the Padres' workout Tuesday morning. The bet originally stipulated that he wear the gear -- socks and all -- through stretches.

But Hedges' teammates loved the get-up so much they requested he wear it into the workout.

Hedges obliged.

"It's a good look, isn't it?" Green joked at his morning media session.

But Green could've easily found himself in trouble had he wagered on Sunday's last-second loss to North Carolina -- home state of Wil Myers and Carter Capps.

"I knew better than to bet against Carolina," Green quipped.

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