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Wily Mo Pena nearly hit a homer to the parking lot, so yes, he's still preposterously strong

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This may be surprising to hear, but it's been six seasons since Wily Mo Pena graced the game with a regular-season appearance. Six. Years. 

That's why the Indians bringing him to Spring Training as a non-roster invitee was such a big deal. And during the Indians' game with the Padres on Sunday at Peoria Sports Complex, Pena reached down and clubbed an offspeed pitch deep to left-center.

So deep, in fact, he very nearly cleared the berm beyond the fence, which would have sent the ball bounding about into the parking lot (and endangering numerous windshields): 


That glorious swing, seemingly effortless and graceful all in one fluid motion ... it's a thing of beauty.

Enjoy it. 

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