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Which strange pair of shoes would be hardest to pitch in?

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The following is a transcript of a segment from this week's episode of the Cut4Cast podcast. To hear more of the Cut4 staff's weekly banterings about which position player is the best at pitching or how baseball would work in outer space, subscribe to the Cut4Cast by clicking here.

Dakota Gardner: There is one last thing I need to discuss with the World Baseball Classic, and it is a man by the name of Bruce Chen. He has not played baseball in the United States for two years, he was on the 2014 Royals -- who you might remember as a team that made it to the World Series, NBD. They didn't win; they waited until the next year. They wanted to be fashionably late. But he was on that team, and this year he came out to pitch in the World Baseball Classic for China. And guess what? Gemma, guess what?

Gemma Kaneko: What?

Dakota: He was not wearing regular baseball cleats. He was wearing some sharp business casual sneakers, and he's now my icon of all things in life.

Gemma: OK, there's no such thing as business casual sneakers.

Dakota: There are, and Bruce Chen was wearing them.

Gemma: Whoever told you it was okay to wear business casual sneakers lied to you.

Dakota: These are totally business casual sneakers.

Gemma: No, nothing about your outfit is "business casual" right now. It's 100 percent casual. You're wearing a hoodie!

Dakota: It's an hoodie …

Gemma: That is still not business casual. Anyway, he was wearing some, 'I'm going to go take out the trash' shoes, and (laughing) it was amazing! I loved them.

Dakota: This needs to be a thing in baseball. Somebody should just wear dress shoes; show up wearing really shiny, black dress shoes.

Gemma: I think my favorite thing was -- we're theater people -- that they kind of looked like the shoes you would wear when you were doing theater tech backstage, because they were just black, blend-into-everything shoes.

Dakota: I wonder how much harder they made it for him to pitch. They did not look like they had cleats on the bottom.

Gemma: No! They didn't at all. They looked kind of like Keds, I don't know.

Dakota: (laughing) He really just wanted some sensible shoes. That was all he needed to go out and pitch. Adrian, if you could wear any pair of shoes while you did an athletic pursuit, what would you wear?

Adrian Garro: Well, I'm currently wearing what I guess I would also call business casual sneakers.

Dakota: See? This is a thing. Adrian agrees.

Gemma: Adrian works from home! He does not get to weigh in on what's acceptable to wear as "business casual" sneakers.

Adrian: (laughing) Well, it would probably be hard to pitch in loafers. But then again, I've never worn baseball cleats and they seem impossible, too. So I don't know, but Bruce Chen's style did look kind of comfortable. I've got to admit it.

Dakota: Think about the possibilities with loafers, though, right? You could have really fashionable socks. You know what, I need to just talk about this with Michael Clair. Clearly he's the person I need to have this conversation with.

Adrian: He is the socks guru.

Dakota: He's the sock and strange fashion guru. It's his niche.

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