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Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend are very ready to see 'Rogue One'

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A couple of indisputable facts about A's reliever and all-around stellar boyfriend Sean Doolittle:

1. He is a master of the dark arts of social media.

2. He really, really, really loves Star Wars.

So, with the newest entry into the Star Wars canon, "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," hitting theaters on Thursday night, you could be assured of two things: Doolittle was going to be there, and he was going to deliver a truly stellar tweet.

[pushes up glasses] For those keeping score at home, that's Doolittle's girlfriend Eireann Dolan in a K-2SO mask, while Doolittle embraced his inner dark side and went with an Imperial Stormtrooper helmet. Maybe they can bring Buck Showalter along for Episode VIII.

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