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Avoiding a tag shouldn't be as much fun as Adrian Beltre made it, but he found a way

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At this point, an entire blog could be dedicated to the extracurricular on-field exploits of Adrian Beltre.

In addition to being christened the AL West-winning Rangers' most entertaining dugout presence, Beltre also carries out his magic on the diamond itself. Baserunning, fielding, not fielding, pushing opponents, hitting homers from his knees, teasing fans -- he's done it all, and did so once again in Wednesday night's 8-5 win over the Brewers

After ending up on second base, Beltre and a rather amicable Orlando Arcia engaged in a fun game that almost resembled Whack-A-Mole, but with Beltre's hands acting as the mole and Villar's glove playing the part of the mallet: 

That's some slick hand-eye coordination, as any slip-up could result in Beltre putting the wrong hand down at the wrong time and being called out.

But then again, where's the fun in that? 

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