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Ken Griffey Jr. reveals he told his dad to 'follow' his rules while they lived together in Seattle

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Rather than having everyone celebrate the end of the work week by heading to happy hour, the Mariners began the weekend by announcing that the team would be retiring Griffey's iconic No. 24. It's the first number that the Mariners have retired other than the league-wide honoring of Jackie Robinson's No. 42. (Though I suppose if Harold Reynolds returned, he might get No. 24 back.) 

The team will not only honor Griffey with his number retirement on Aug. 6, but the team will be having a full weekend of events scheduled for fans to celebrate his career. 

Looks like it's time to block off some vacation time in August. 

Answering questions at a news conference following the announcement, Griffey revealed a few secrets about playing with his dad. Like how Ken Griffey Sr. made sure Junior shook everyone else's hand before his when the two went back-to-back. And, more importantly, while the two lived together in Seattle, Junior got to tell dear old dad, "While you're in my house, you live by my rules." It's the dream every child has. 

Griffey also opened up the possibilities that yes (!), he may wear his hat backward on his plaque, though it could be left open to a fan vote. 

The Kid told the press what he thought Dave Niehaus, the legendary Mariners broadcaster who called his first and last home run, would have said if he was still alive:

And even mentioned how he once sold a car because he was superstitious about the lack of hits it was bringing:

Watch the entire news conference below to hear Griffey talk about visiting the Negro Leagues Museum with Buck O'Neil, the role of his family in his career and much more. 

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