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The answer to life, the universe and everything is this video of Orbit dancing to 'Single Ladies'

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We have long been fans of the many antics of Orbit, the Astros mascot -- from playing giant games of Jenga to dialobically toppling mascot races, he's consistently providing amusing shenanigans. But on an unassuming Sunday afternoon, between innings of the Dodgers-Astros game, he transcended the realm of harmless hijinks and became the stuff of legend.

Take a deep breath, grab a snack and get comfortable, so you'll always be able to remember where you were when you first saw Orbit killing the Single Ladies dance:

Orbit dance

Oh, but he was far from done. For if there's one thing Orbit values more than intergalactic tea parties, it's dedication to accurately portraying all things Beyonce. And that could only mean one thing -- a costume change:

Orbit wardrobe

Millennia from now, when his alien species (Homerunus Spectacularus, in case you were wondering) comes to visit Earth, we can only hope they'll be greeted by Orbit shimmying, that they may experience the very best that humanity has to offer.

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