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Sunday's brutal Game of Thrones season finale left the Mets clubhouse in mourning

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Spoiler alert regarding the events of last Sunday's "Game of Thrones" episode

At the onset of our final weekly "Game of Thrones" recap in the Mets clubhouse, Michael Cuddyer didn't have an inkling of Sunday night's dragon-sized cliffhanger -- the damn-where-was-that-direwolf death of everyone's favorite Watcher on the Wall. 

"Was the finale any good?" Cuddyer asked, his allegiance obviously not #ForTheWatch.

Yes, All Men Must Die, and our mourning is in vain. But here was Cuddyer, an avid "Thrones" fan and Stark sympathizer, as innocently wide-eyed as Ser Pounce a full two days after a certain someone's watch had ended. He knew nothing. 

Cuddyer doesn't like to watch the gory Westerosi epic when he's home with his wife and young children. He planned to wait until the next day, when the Mets were in Toronto. 

So I stared, and waited for Winter to come.



On the opposite end of the clubhouse, Noah Syndergaard sat still in shock. The rookie pitcher is such a "Thrones" fan that he uses the theme song as his walk-up music, but the 6-foot-6 Targaryen look-alike had the finale spoiled by an Instragam post. The Internet! How could he not know better?

"Twitter, maybe," he said. "But I didn't think Instagram!" 

Refusing to believe his eyes, Syndergaard called his mom. Unlike most characters on the show, she is still alive.

"Is it true?" he whimpered.

"Yeah, it's true," replied Heidi Syndergaard. "Tomorrow should be a national holiday. You need to dedicate your pitching performance to those fallen at the Wall."

So the next night, with a heavy heart, Syndergaard channeled his inner Arya Stark and exacted vengeance on the Blue Jays like they were Meryn Trant. He struck out 11 in six innings in his most impressive Major League performance to date.

Next on his list: the Braves on Saturday.

"I don't know what I'm going to do because they killed off two of my favorite characters," Syndergaard said. "First Robb Stark and now ..."

Reactions from others in the Mets bullpen lamented the untimely death of their beloved Crow.

Reliever Erik Goeddel remained optimistic despite his grief: "The end was devastating. Jon Snow was my favorite character. But there is a lot of speculation going on with the fire lady showing up there at the end. She's done some crazy stuff ..."

Reliever Jack Leathersich, meanwhile, was simply stunned: "I had no idea going into it ... 

"...that show is amazing."

The next day, a raven (OK, an e-mail) arrived from beyond the Wall (OK, fine, the Canadian-American border). The content was cryptic and the message half lost to history -- eroded by the weather, or whatever else is out there.

I tried today to watch the final ------- ut with HBO Go you have to be in the States to access ------- nt. So unfortunately -------- I apologize but -------------- won't be able to watch it until ------- Milwaukee ------- becau------- family ------- in ATL.
- Cuddy

I told him to get off the Internet immediately.

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