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Starlin Castro shows off very accurate imitation of Kris Bryant at third ... maybe TOO accurate

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When Mark Reynolds hit a grounder to third in the sixth inning of Wednesday's Cardinals-Cubs game, Kris Bryant fielded the ball and sent it to first for the out. And so did Starlin Castro.


This was either a seamless imitation, or Castro and Bryant are losing autonomy over their actions.

Are the Cubs controlled by some sort of hive mind buried miles beneath the surface of the Earth? Is that hive mind slowly malfunctioning, sending the same orders to multiple Cubs players at the same exact time? Will the Cubs eventually become a single cohesive unit of mimicry, baseball's version of the "Thriller" zombies?


"[Bryant] didn't even know. I did it on instinct," Castro told's Carrie Muskat after the game, and Bryant chalked it up to fun. Which sounds a lot better than "uncontrollable synchronous movement," honestly.

But considering the Cubs ended the Cardinals' eight-game winning streak on Wednesday night, the hive mind seems to know what it's doing. And at least Anthony Rizzo appeared to be immune, if only a bit confused.

"Castro deked me there," Rizzo told Muskat.


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