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Here are all the coolest MLB handshakes you can steal to celebrate National High Five Day

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It's April 16 and you know what that means -- it's National High Five Day. It's time to celebrate:


OK, not by yourself, Michael Morse. This is a day about --


No, no, Edwin Encarnacion, you don't get it. Guys, you need to high five other people. Let Koji Uehara give you an example:


That's how you do it.

National High Five Day was started in 2002 by students at the University of Virginia and due to the immense satisfaction a high five brings, it's been going strong ever since. But anyone can give a high five (just remember to look at the other person's elbow). That's why we've compiled some of the coolest high-five based MLB handshakes so you can stand out on this the high-five-iest of all days.

Try to amp up your normal high five, like Yunel Escobar:

Or simply use it as a base, like young Nick Swisher here:

If you want to go for style points, get Danny DeVito involved:


Then maybe one day, you'll be ready to graduate to a Geovany Soto handshake masterpiece:

Or, you know, you could just go totally off the rails and redefine "high five" completely:



You do you, guys. You do you.