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Watch Manny Ramirez swing a golf club for the first time at David Ortiz's charity golf tournament

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Golf: the sport designed to look like something a normal person could succeed at, only so it can cruelly steal away all dignity. And while athletes usually have the kind of natural athleticism and hand-eye coordination that allows them to be naturally gifted at anything they do, today we have proof that is not always the case.

At David Ortiz's 7th Annual Golf Classic, which he hosts to raise money for his Children's Fund, a number of celebs and athletes came out, including Hanley Ramirez, Pedro Martinez, Jose Bautista and Manny Ramirez.

Though the 43-year-old Ramirez may still have one heck of a swing on the field

He struggled a little more with what he claimed was his first ever golf swing:


Of course, a moment later he took another swing and absolutely clobbered the ball. Ah well, at least he played golf the way I do for a brief moment.

As for Pedro Martinez, did he have a good time? Why don't we let the power of moving pictures answer that question: 

Pedro dance

Pedro dance 2

If I could bronze that GIF and put it on display in my home, I would. 

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