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Bernie Brewer enlists help from MLB mascots to keep his title as most followed mascot in sports

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Mascots: They are our enormous, smiling, muppet-handed best friends. But just like your cute little papillon when confronted at the dog park, sometimes fierce rivalries are born. 

On Tuesday night, a new battle for mascot dominance started when the Los Angeles Kings' mascot, Bailey, went gunning for Bernie Brewer's No. 1 mascot on Twitter ranking: 

Clearly the gloves, or in this case, the oversized heads, are off. Though Bailey did walk it back a little:

Rather than go negative with his campaign, Bernie Brewer decided to bank on the mustache-aided goodwill he's built up. Not only is he going to Brewers fans: 

But he's calling on his professional colleagues in the rest of the Majors, too: 

Want to help Bernie keep his Twitter crown? Then follow him @Bernie_Brewer. At the time of writing, Bernie was holding a 6,000-follower lead, 41,500 to 35,500.  

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