Digital Tickets

Digital Tickets Ballpark App

You can enter Fenway Park with your mobile phone by presenting your valid tickets in the free Ballpark application for iPhone and Android phones.

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In order to display your tickets on your mobile device you will first need to link your Red Sox account to your account.

Do I need an account?

Is my account the same as my ticket account?

How do I locate my ticket account?

Why do I need to link my ticket account?

How do I link my ticket account?

What if my ticket account is not found or invalid?

I already linked my ticket account and account. Do I need to link them again?

How do I link multiple accounts?

How do I unlink a ticket account?

What if the email address associated with my ticketing account is different from the email address associated with my account?

I just linked my and ticket accounts. Why aren't my tickets showing up in Ballpark?

Back to Top Ballpark App - Ticket Dashboard


What is the Ticket Dashboard?

Can I see all my tickets for all teams within the Ticket Dashboard, or just one team at a time?

Where can I see more event details about the game?

How can I upgrade my tickets?

What will happen to my tickets if I sell them on Red Sox Replay?

Can I sell my tickets via Ballpark app?

What if I cannot find any tickets?

Which events and tickets will be displayed?

What delivery methods work with Ballpark app (ex. Print at Home, Mail or Will Call)?

Do Print at Home tickets need to be printed to view them in the Ballpark app?

When I retrieve a ticket using the app, will it invalidate existing tickets that were previously printed?

Back to Top Ballpark App - Scan View


What is Scan View?

How do I access the ticket to scan for entry?

Why is no barcode showing?

I just forwarded a ticket via the Ballpark app. Why do I still see it?

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

What if I cannot see my tickets?

Why won't my ticket barcode scan?

What if I lose connectivity after I've retrieved my tickets?

If I access my tickets from the Ballpark app, can I still have them printed at a kiosk or will call window?

What do I do if my mobile device's battery dies?

Back to Top Ballpark App - Ticket Forwarding


What is Ticket Forwarding?

How do I forward a ticket?

How does "Forward Ticket via Link" work?

What if I accidentally send the ticket to the wrong email address?

How will my recipient know I forwarded tickets?

How do I accept a ticket forward?

I do not have an iOS or Android device. Can I still accept a ticket forward?

What if the email address tickets where I received the ticket forward is not the same as the email address associated with my account?

Can I reject a ticket forward?

Can I re-send a ticket forward after accepting it?

Can I cancel a Red Sox ticket forward?

Can I cancel a Red Sox ticket forward after it has been accepted?

Can I cancel a Red Sox ticket forward after it has been accepted and re-sent?

Can I forward multiple Red Sox tickets to a single account?

Where can I find the status of all Red Sox Ticket Forwards?

What if I never received the Ticket Forward email?

Back to Top Ballpark App - Red Sox Rewards Card


How do I access my digital Red Sox Rewards card?

How do I link my Red Sox Rewards account?


If you have any questions or need further assistance please contact your Account Executive or call 877-REDSOX9.

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Mobile Ticket Purchase

Purchase tickets wirelessly, anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. mobile ticket purchase is compatible with most Internet-enabled mobile devices and does not require any additional download.

To order tickets on your mobile device:

  1. Visit on your mobile device
  2. Click on the schedule link
  3. Select the game you would like to attend and click the T-link
  4. Purchase tickets via a secure checkout
  5. 5. Have your tickets emailed to you when you choose Print Tickets At Home as your delivery option. You will need access to a printer in order to acquire your tickets.

Red Sox Replay

Replay is The Official Red Sox Ticket Resale Marketplace which makes buying and selling safe and secure. You can access Replay via the Ballpark app under the Ticketing section of the Ballpark Tab.

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Text Alerts

Text RedSox to 23215 now to get Red Sox ticket info sent straight to your mobile phone! Text messages will be sent to your phone about upcoming featured series and special ticket offers!

Text STOP to 23215 to opt-out at any time.

For HELP, reply HELP to 23215.

Message and data rates may apply.

Expect 1-2 messages per week.

Participating Carriers: Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket, Google Voice, MetroPCS, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and U.S. Cellular.

* No registration or premium subscription fees required. Message and Data Rates May Apply, contact your carrier for details.

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